Press release issued on 8th January 2015 on behalf of the Yes to Polegate Wind Farm campaign group:


Reaction of Yes to Polegate Wind Farm group to news of the approval by The Planning Inspectorate for the Shepham Wind Farm near Polegate, East Sussex:

An independent Planning Inspector has issued notice of approval for a three turbine Shepham Wind Farm at Polegate, East Sussex.

Reacting to the news, Andrew Durling from the Yes to Polegate Wind Farm group said:

“We welcome this green light for the Shepham Wind Farm. It is great news that Sussex will be hosting much more production of energy from a renewable source.”

We have consistently supported the wind farm, because we need to play our part in the clean energy revolution that will help to keep the lights on. The Inspector’s decision to grant approval shows that our arguments in favour of the project were valid.”

Brenda Pollack, Friends of the Earth’s South East Campaigner said:

“Evidence shows that wind energy is a vote winner and many local people see the need for a renewable future. There are limited opportunities for siting turbines in Sussex and this project will have benefits – especially in reducing up to 8,475 tonnes of carbon each year.”

The scheme had much local support, with letters of support more than double the number of letters of objection (453 in support versus 207 against) when the revised 3 turbine planning application was submitted.


NOTES to editors:

1.       Yes to Polegate Wind Farm is a group of individuals and groups which supports the application to build three wind turbines at Shepham Lane in East Sussex. https://yestopolegatewindfarm.wordpress.com/

2.       Eastbourne and District Friends of the Earth works in the area on a range of environmental issues. See http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eastbourne-and-district-Friends-of-the-Earth/184566344982806

3.       The Appeal Decision notice is at


4. Information about the proposed wind farm can be found at http://www.shephamwindfarm.co.uk/

5.       Polls show that wind energy is generally very popular. http://www.renewableuk.com/en/news/press-releases.cfm/2013-05-01-poll-suggests-voters-put-off-by-anti-wind-political-rhetoric-ahead-of-local- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy/windpower/10027700/Wind-farms-only-opposed-by-10-per-cent-of-people-Government-claims.html

6.       Wind Power: Your Questions Answered http://www.foe.co.uk/resource/factsheets/wind_power_your_questions.pdf



Update for March 2014:

The developers of the Shepham Wind Farm scheme for Polegate, Regeneco, has submitted an appeal against the decision last year of Wealden District Council to refuse planning permission for the scheme, despite the original recommendation of council officers for approval of the scheme. The appeal is currently being heard by the Planning Inspectorate. The Yes to Polegate Wind Farm warmly welcomes the appeal and wishes it every success, especially as the need for new renewable energy schemes is becoming ever more urgent in view of the rising costs and scarcity of fossil fuels, the UK’s lack of energy security and energy independence which recent geo-political events have revealed, and the increasing risks of flooding in our local area due to the accelerating impacts of climate change.


 Update on May 9th 2013:


May 8th 2013

Shepham decision day Y2PWF sad at NO (2)

In reaction to Wealden District Council’s decision today to turn down the Shepham Wind Farm application, Yes to Polegate Wind Farm spokesman Mike Hodgson said:


“We are disappointed that Councillors have voted against this project despite their officer recommending it be approved. We accept that some residents, living close to the site don’t want to see 3 turbines near them. However many local people do support the scheme. It would have produced a substantial amount of clean energy and helped bring down polluting emissions in Sussex.”

Mike Hodgson, a Hailsham resident, spoke in favour of the scheme at the Planning Committee meeting, as did Councillor McAuliffe from Hailsham Town Council.


CONTACT: Mike Hodgson 01323 449721


Wealden District Council Planning Committee South met today in Hailsham to determine the scheme.





Update on May 1st 2013

Press release on May 1st from Yes To Polegate Wind Farm group

We in the Yes To Polegate Wind Farm campaign group welcome the news that the planning officer for Wealden District Council recommends approval of the Shepham Wind Farm scheme, and we very much hope that WDC councillors will vote on May 8th for the scheme’s planning application to be approved. The scheme has great local support, with letters of support more than double the number of letters of objection (453 in support versus 207 against, according to the latest WDC information). This wind farm will provide clean, safe, renewable energy for over 4,000 homes, as well as helping to protect us against the rising cost of imported fossil fuels, such as gas. The wind farm is also very low carbon energy, just the sort of energy generation that helps to mitigate the climate change caused by global warming. We feel that we as local residents, by supporting the wind farm, are playing our part in the clean energy revolution that will help to keep the lights switched on and help to give our children a future for jobs in the emerging green economy, as well as helping to ensure a safe climate for them and their children.

Update on April 26th 2013

We are aware that misinformation about the Shepham Wind Farm proposal in particular, and wind energy in general, is being spread widely in the area local to the proposed wind farm. See the new ‘Rebuttals to Myths’ page on this website for a comprehensive overview of the FACTS.

Update on March 16th 2013

Press release on 15/03/13 by Yes To Polegate Wind Farm campaign group

Polegate Wind Farm decision flawed 

The Yes to Polegate Wind Farm group is disappointed at the decision by Polegate Town Council to object to the Shepham wind farm planning application. The decision appeared to be based on misinformation about wind farms, such as turbines allegedly being too noisy, inefficient, and dangerous to human and animal health. Some of these allegations, besides being ungrounded in empirical research, are superfluous to the material planning considerations that the councillors should have restricted themselves to when deciding upon the application. As a result the Y2PWF group is actively exploring possible approaches for launching a complaint against Polegate Town Council.

Some of the councillors also claimed the wind farm would be too small to have any real impact in terms of energy generation. We feel that providing clean, safe, sustainable electricity for over 4,000 homes a year is well worth having, especially as it saves over 8,000 tons of carbon emissions a year, a significant contribution to helping to ensure a safe climate for us all.

Andy Durling, spokesperson for the group said:

“What was disturbing was the unfounded claim by one councillor that there were 1500 letters received against the wind farm during the previous application. This does not tally at all with the fact that last time the application came before Wealden District Council, the letters for and against the application were roughly equal at just over 600 letters on each side.

Polegate Town Council’s decision should be contrasted with the informed decision of Hailsham Town Council to vote in favour of the Shepham wind farm despite the local anti-wind campaign.”

UPDATE on February 26th 2013:

Further to the press release by GTR of yesterday (see: www.shephamwindfarm.co.uk), we have issued this press release to the media:

Yes To Polegate Wind Farm group welcomes smaller wind farm application

 A revised application for the Shepham Wind Farm scheme has been submitted by GTR, and the Yes To Polegate Wind Farm group, a grass-roots association of local residents, welcomes this application.
Westham resident Andy Durling said:
“The application is for fewer, shorter turbines with less impact upon local residents, and far less visual impact upon the landscape and local heritage. GTR have clearly listened to local concerns and to feedback from the local planning department and have done their best to meet those concerns.
Yes to Polegate Wind Farm believes the benefits of the scheme in helping us deal with the energy and climate crises far outweigh whatever adverse local impacts that some people perceive will occur.”
Karen Stewart a spokesperson for the group added:
“We realise how important clean, green, renewable British energy is for keeping the lights on and getting us off dependence upon increasingly expensive gas. Schemes like this also help us move away from other fossil fuels such as oil and coal, which are primarily responsible for the increasingly damaging effects of global warming upon our climate and weather patterns.”
We are convinced, from our campaigning experience, that the majority of local residents, like the majority of the British public in poll after poll, are in favour of wind power projects such as this one.

Update on 7th December 2012:

Fresh planning application imminent from Galliford Try Renewables for the Shepham Wind Farm project

GTR have just announced that it intends to submit a fresh planning application in early 2013 for a revised Shepham Wind Farm scheme. GTR’s announcement can be found here: http://www.shephamwindfarm.co.uk/

The Yes to Polegate Wind Farm campaign group has today issued a statement to the media concerning this development:

Upon hearing that Galliford Try Renewables is submitting a new application for the installation of wind turbines at Shepham Lane, Polegate, a spokesperson for the Yes to Polegate Wind Farm campaign group, Andrew Durling, said: “the developer, GTR, has clearly listened to local concerns and has now come back with a scheme for just 3 turbines, all of them significantly lower in height than the 5 turbines of the previous application, and much more carefully positioned. We therefore can’t see any reason now for Wealden District Council to turn down this application.We look forward to Polegate becoming part of the clean energy revolution this country needs in order to keep the lights switched on whilst keeping people and planet safe.

Previous updates:

Dear supporters of Shepham Wind Farm,

As you may have heard, the developer – Galliford Try Renewables (GTR) – decided reluctantly to withdraw the application before the committee meeting due on Thursday 19th July 2012. It’s very disappointing, but, given the officer’s recommendation for refusal, it’s probably the best course of action.

We understand GTR was surprised by the three reasons for refusal and had wanted to take some time out to respond to the matters raised (particularly English Heritage’s last-minute comments). They asked Wealden council if they could defer consideration of the application (i.e. the application is heard at a later planning committee) but the Council said no.

The only way for GTR to have some time to review/respond was to withdraw the application. They are looking to meet with the planning department staff to discuss the details and will then probably aim to resubmit an application. They still believe it’s a good site, but it may be the scheme needs to be redesigned to address the concerns raised.

These articles were in the press in case you didn’t see. Eastbourne Herald The Argus

There was also a piece on BBC South East Today, which interviewed Anne from Yes to Polegate Wind Farm, as well as those opposed to the scheme.

Please take action if you have a few minutes:

If any of you are able to write a short letter to the Herald or Sussex Express or Argus to say you are disappointed and we need councils to be responding positively to renewable energy projects please do so. We know that those against the scheme have been getting good air-time!

The week before the committee decision, we did a press photo-call beside the site and got into the Argus and Express. You can see what some of us look like here!

Where to next?

Obviously we have to wait and see what the developer does to meet the concerns raised by the council.  We still want to support this project and want to see renewable electricity generated in Sussex.  We’ll be in touch again as and when we have more news.

Thank you so much for your support so far.

Best wishes

Yes to Polegate Wind Farm group

P.S. For resources about wind energy to help you write a letter see our website page here

Eastbourne Herald: eastbourne.herald@trbeckett.co.uk

Sussex Express: sussex.express@sussexnewspapers.co.uk

The Argus: letters@theargus.co.uk or click here

We are a group of local residents who SUPPORT the proposed Shepham Wind Farm, Polegate.

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