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MP for constituency where Polegate Wind Farm could be built expresses his support for wind farms in general:

In a recent Financial Times interview, published on December 3rd 2012, Gregory Barker, MP for Bexhill & Battle and also Minister for Climate Change within the Department of Energy & Climate Change, declared that “wind farms can be ‘wonderful’ and ‘rather majestic’ and it is wrong to presume that they scar the landscape. The FT goes on to say that “the comments are likely to be seen as a riposte to his colleague John Hayes, who opened a vicious coalition rift over energy policy by complaining that wind farms were a blight ‘peppering’ the countryside. According to the FT, “Mr Barker, the climate change minister, told the Financial Times that, unlike his fellow energy minister, he had no aesthetic objections to wind farms – and one near his Sussex constituency had become ‘almost a tourist attraction’ [no doubt a reference to the single wind turbine at Glyndebourne Opera House]”.

The FT goes on to say: “The scale of Tory resistance to wind farms became clear in a series of Greenpeace undercover stings last month which – among other revelations – saw former cabinet minister Peter Lilley describing Mr Barker as ‘barking’ for his pro-green views. The climate change minister shrugs this off. Many Tory MPs had loud campaign groups against onshore wind farms in their constituencies, he says. ‘I understand the worries of these groups around specific sites, however that shouldn’t be seen as a rowing back to our wider commitment to the renewable agenda'”.


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